Generation Two | Part Seventeen

Holy shit it lives! That's right, a Cutler update... kind of!

I don't know how many of you follow me on tumblr, but those who don't wouldn't know all the bullshit I've had to endure for I don't even know how long, trying to get the game and computer to work properly. As such, I've come to the point where I'm sick of fighting them, and can't see the possbility of rebuilding "Pleasantview" any time soon, much less film scenes. However, I'm tired of putting things off (it has been eight bloody years after all!), so for now, I'm offering a text-only update. When things cooperate and continue to, I'll get to work on everything. I just need to get this damn thing out there before I lose my mind. If I haven't already.

Warning: language

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Part 17 To-Do List

You guys can ignore this. I just want to be sure I have the list somewhere that I won't lose it.

Part One
- Build/decorate hallways, classroom and perhaps cafeteria for high shool.
- Create a handful of teens for background.
- Build Aimee a new house
- Build/decorate a grocery store.
- Transfer a madeover maxis sim to new "Pleasantview".
- Build/decorate or download labyrinth garden.
- Create therapist.
- Build therapist's office
- Build Angie's house.

Part Two
- Recreate the maxis sim's house (but change interior 'cause it is UGLY).
- Take photos of his son and create framed photos.
- Find a dark midsize sedan.
- Dump Erik sim into game.
- Find or make a male jacket with a wearable hood.

I guess now you know the update is actually going to happen! It's going to be weird doing all the posing again. Hope it'll be worth the wait!

Check In #328758753

I know I've said this several times over the long hiatus, but I finally feel like I know what to do in the next installment that will both make me happy with the new characters and the direction of the story. I haven't sat down to start writing these ideas yet (gaming and hormones are a killer!) but feeling good about it beforehand is a nice change. I find myself wanting to go in-game and make small changes to a few sets and re-familiarize myself with (new) Pleasantview. All the new 3to2 neighborhood deco floating around the web has me geeking out big time. Must. Make. Pleasantview. Pretty!

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Adventures in Character Handwriting

When the writing was not going well at all (honestly that covers several months) and I had decided to borrow George R. R. Martin's chapter format, I thought it might be more interesting if the headers were their own handwriting. While I could say nothing and let you see it whenever I finally update, I think I'd rather post a preview now. Because... reasons? I don't know.

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Thanks to equuisntwilight for helping me look for alternative fonts when it wasn't quite right <3

Per the usual, the update is nowhere near ready. You already suspected that though, didn't you? I am, however, feeling like the writing is on the right path for the first time in months, so that's got to count for something. Once Sloane's last half is written and Drake's are readjusted for some minor changes I made, I'll have to take up a large chunk of the countryside for a horse farm I have no idea how to build. As far as I am aware all other structures that house scenes are complete. Desmond needs to be created (*shakes fist at bodyshop*), though.

Semi-related, I was thinking of doing some more behind the scenes stuff as I went along. Kind of a rebuilding "Pleasantview" thing, with info and photos of new lots, sims, and the new neighborhood itself. The plot shift required a change of scenery, after all, so I figured it was easier to move everyone than fuss with the original. Does that sound even remotely interesting?

So I will shut up now and walk the dog who is waiting rather impatiently beside me. Huskies. So much fun.

Change of Format?

A while ago a friend of mine, who I guess is kind of my proofreader and general soundboard, read through the update and found herself a little confused initially when beginning each section. So I was wondering how many of you find yourself in the same boat, and if it should be changed to something clearer.

For example, George R. R. Martin breaks up chapters in Game of Thrones (for those who haven't read the series) by character perspective, with their name as the header. Would this interest you guys?

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Just wanted to let you know I'm taking a hiatus of sorts. I'm second guessing some of the update and it's probably why I've had little interest in working on scenes in a while. I've also committed to something that is going to take up a bunch of time and I really need to have it done for a certain date. Like usual I may have bit off more than I can chew.

Rest assured that I am not quitting.

Calling Sim Makers

Is anyone on my friends list good at making attractive but unique male sims? Particularly older, like 50ish? I need to create a bartender but he's not coming out well at all. He's one of those extremely nice types, the kind who treats everyone he meets as though they are family, and when you look at him you just know he's a really sweet, gentle man. I see him with glasses, graying blonde or light brown hair, and crows feet. When I tried to make him he just looked... wrong. More rough than old, you know? It's really irritating me that this is slowing me down. Hell, I'm not even entirely happy with Sloane's new african american friend. He seems rather plain, like something is missing. Poor Keith.

Now if I can just settle on Arlo's damn studio space...

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