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Behind the Scenes: Generation One

With the split of Aimee and Ben behind us, I wanted to collect a lot of pictures and information about the Pleasantview in my game and those in the story that live there. I thought some of you might be interested in taking a look in the making of the Cutler Legacy, seeing as you liked the out takes.

So without further adeau...

When I was pulling all the images together for this Behind The Scenes deal, I originally had pictures of all of the rooms (except the bathroom) in Aimee's house. I got rid of them however, figuring you'd all seen them enough in scenes already. So instead I will share some of my favorite pictures from the homes you've already seen a lot of.

This picture was taken while shooting for Drake's "Birthday" in part 25. I know it is very simple, but I love the way they're looking so happily at each other, and I wanted to capture that although they weren't in the greatest environment with Ben, they were both still happy.

I think this one is self explanatory =P Aimee's expression is too funny.

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In the story the Cutler residence isn't in Pleasantview but another town fairly far away (which I don't believe was ever specified?). Of course placing it in Pleasantview made it easier to jump from house to house, and to keep all screenshots organized in one neighborhood.

Alright, I built this house completely myself! I am very proud of it, and love it very much... even if it does run soooo slowly!

Pictured is inside the garage. I guess it's not terribly interesting, but I wanted to show that it at least looks like one =P

Oooo, who is that?! Just wait and see, hehe.

Going up the stairs from the garage brings you into the entryway of the house.

From the front door and going to the right will bring you into the living room. You've seen this before of course, but I love this room. It's so big and airy with the tall, open windows. The family spends loads of time here.

When entering the living room there's a door straight ahead, which brings you into this "hidden" room. As you can see there's baby stuff in there, oooo. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'll slap you =P

This isn't really anyone's bedroom, but various sims come in when they're being pissy about sharing a bed with someone else.

Back out into the entryway and to the left is a comfortable little outdoor space. As teens Aidan and Aimee spent a lot of time out there, and although it's not an actual room it is one of my favorite places of the house.

From the entryway and ignoring the stairs for a moment, we pass through the kitchen you've seen a couple times and into the dining room. You've seen this as well, but when I was shooting for this behind the scenes stuff, I found Aidan and Aimee as teens :) In their jammies no less, lol.

Returning to the entryway and climbing the stairs, we find ourselves in the upstairs hallway. It's quite small actually, and not worth a picture. To the left however, is Aimee's room. This isn't a great shot of it all, as there's a messy sitting area right behind the camera, but oh well.

This is the view from Aimee's balcony. Before I changed video cards and had the issue with the game, this looked so much better. Oh well I guess, at least I can play at all.

A ladder from Aimee's balcony leads to the roof, where she spent a lot of time to think. And getting herself in trouble :/

Instead of showing you Gary's room and that belonging to Julia and Duncan, I decided to take you back outside as you've already seen Gary's, and their parents' room isn't interesting.

Anywho, this is the back patio. It's my favorite part of the lot, it's so pretty ^^

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This place wasn't featured that long ago so you should remember it fairly easily. This is Electra, the nightclub Aimee and Nina went to. It took me days to build it and I thought it came out pretty well.

This is the view as soon as you come in through the double glass doors. As you can see the bathrooms are to the right, and ahead to the right is a small seating area that no one ever seemed to use, lol. Going straight brings you to stairs that lead to the bar. We'll get to that in a bit.

The dance floor! This can be found to the left of the main entrance. The DJ area is accessed through a door beside the stairs to the bar, and I've actually never seen any visitor use it.

Behind the camera in this view is a line of sofas. You might remember it from a scene where Aimee sits down before heading up to the bar and running into Aidan.

Across from the dance floor on the other side of the entrance are the bathrooms. Usually I wouldn't find this interesting, but I thought I would tell you a little bit about it.

The confrontation scene between Aimee and Aidan in the womens bathroom wasn't actually shot here =P After building it and sending them to the lot, I realized he wouldn't be able to go in with those special doors. So I had to recreate the room on Aidan's lot over the outdoor bar.

Running up the stairs we arrive in the open bar. It's a large space with the bar as you can see (duh, lol), and a lot of comfortable seating bordering the room. Surprisingly not a lot of people hung out here. Well, that's not true. Darren Dreamer and Nina beat the crap out of each other all the bloody time in the middle of the floor.

This is a view of the entrance from the upper bar area. Not terribly interesting I guess, but it's another view anyway.

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I changed the look of the house a bit before the scenes where Ben comes to yell at Nina. I figured everyone has played the Calientes at least once, and I didn't want it to look the same as everyone else's.

This is the living room from the front door. I thought the design reflected their personalities a little better than what Maxis created. It also seems I like to use that zebra flooring a lot -.-

To the left and into the kitchen, we find Nina. I don't know what she's doing, or why she's in her skivvies. Again, I was going for a more modern look. I love the dark appliances :)

You probably remember Nina's bedroom from recent scenes. I decided to keep her red color scheme, but dressed it up a bit.

You can't see it in this picture, but to the right there's a walk in closet with glass doors. When I was snapping the screens Dina walked out of there scratching her armpit, which looked lovely. Lol.

Off of Nina's bedroom is the bathroom, which is shared by Dina as well. You must recognize it from scenes as well, but I wanted to have a photo of it without Ben distorting his ugly face.

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I didn't take any pictures of Aidan's house mainly because everything's already been seen in scenes, except for the bathroom. While it is a pretty snazzy looking room, I didn't see the point of showing one room. So again, here are some pictures I liked.

This picture is from this summer. Back then I had different ideas for the story, and this was the setting in which he and Aimee were supposed to reunite. It's a completely different club (made by Maxis, no idea on the name), and shortly after this was taken I decided not to have them meet at a club. Lol as you know they ended up doing just that. Oh well. I still liked the picture, it sort of amused me.

Alright, think of me what you will but you can't deny that shit ain't hot =P I ended up scrapping the scene this was meant for, seeing as I decided to jump ahead and have them get engaged.

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The lot on which Ben lives has actually been his home since June '06, when I had Aimee throw his ass out. As you can imagine it has made doing scenes quite difficult!

It has been used for a lot of scenes that were meant as away from home, and in this picture you can see the restaurant in which Ben and Aimee visited as she awaited Aidan's arrival. It sits on the front lawn, and was also used as the baby furniture store and the bowling alley.

Pictured are sims that were used in older scenes. Ignoring for a moment that one of them is a bloody hog, you can see Dr. Weaver (who is actually the nurse with a face mask on) in front of Ben, and an asian woman that served as the baby furniture store clerk and a patient at the doctor's office. A colored woman, the Aidan lookalike, an asian male and female toddler also lived here for a bit, but I removed the asian man and child to make room. The Aidan lookalike died :/

Of course this means the doctor's office is on this lot as well, but I did not include them at the behind the scenes look as you've already seen everything. It was built against the outer left wall (facing from the road).

Seen here is not actually Aimee and Drake, but their stand-ins Aimee2 (lol I know, so original) and baby Finley (who is actually their son). This room was built specifically for the video in part 19, for the scene where Ben puts Drake to bed. Looking at it now I see the wallcoverings aren't even the same =P

This lot is also where Ben's office scene was shot. It's on the second floor hidden behind a mess of bedrooms.

The bedrooms. I crammed as many people in as I could, lol.

The spa's pool scenes were shot here as well, which is behind the little room where the bowling alley and such were. I noticed in the picture I used for the scene that the wallpaper didn't cover the upper wall all the way to the end, and you can see the underside of the second floor. Whoops =P

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This has a large collection of images, so please bear with me.

Downtown Pleasantview isn't actually downtown, but as you can see on the Pleasantview picture at the very top, it's in Pleasantview. It made it easier to go from one lot to the other. It took me a week to build and is also very hard on my computer!

This is the first shop on the right, "Coyote" and takes up both the first and second floor. On the first floor are the clothing racks and other fashion themed buyable items. Again, note the zebra rug -.-

This is the second floor of Coyote. You're looking towards the full length mirrors on the back wall, and can see the changing booths and sitting area.

Beside the clothing store is the familiar antique bakery. Aimee runs into Aidan here in part 24. You can't actually do anything in this store but look at things, but I didn't much care.

Another shot inside the bakery, looking at their displayed wedding cakes. I didn't end up using pictures with this in the background, but it was meant to give readers an idea of things to come in the near future =P

Above the bakery is an apartment, which doesn't actually have anything in it so no pics for you.

On the other side of the bakery is a restaurant which doesn't have a name yet. This is the first floor where people come in and converse while waiting to be seated to their table. Beside the hostess station is a closet with hanging clothes, purely for background stuff of course.

The second floor of the restaurant. While shooting part 24 I only saw a couple people up here, most having been seated in various places around the lot o.O Because of that it took forever for the hostess to come back and seat someone else. I can't believe I didn't think of it beforehand.

This is the little gaming store beside the restaurant on the first floor. People can come in and play a game or watch tv, and buy any cellphones or mp3 players (which is not show, but to the left with game racks). At lot of people were getting seated here from the restaurant.

Above this shop are the bathrooms for the restaurant. Nothing exciting.

An outdoor look at the other end of the main street; you can see the bakery and restaurant a lot better. Outside the gaming shop there's a photobooth that can't be seen in this pic, but it seemed pretty popular.

The other side of the main street before the turnoff is home to a little pet shop, grocery store and apartments.

Inside the pet shop. It would have looked so much better to have taken the screens while having someone visit, but it was bad enough to move around just to snap in build mode :/

Above this shop are a couple apartments. Or at least that's how it's made to look from the outside; there isn't anything in there.

(omg, are you sick of looking at this yet? 'Cause I'm sick of coding it =P)

The teeny weeny grocery store. Seriously, what you can see is all that's there.

Turning the corner by the pitiful grocery store we arrive on the slightly slummier section of our little area of the city. On the first floor of the apartment building houses some crappy living conditions (I'm talking a gross looking matress beside an old wire spool "end table" and garbage) and bathrooms hidden inside a hallway. There isn't actually anything in the next three or four floors (maybe five, I can't remember), it's just one big open box.

Across from the slummy apartments is a gothy karaeoke bar, which is also across from the clothing shop. I've never seen anyone using the bar, even when the hostess from the restaurant was seating people.

(Finally, the last image! *faints*)

This is another view of the gothy bar, looking at the karaeoke stage. Oddly enough the stairs had disappeared when I went back to take the screens, but I remember Aimee getting up there just fine. She's a horrible singer, by the way.

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