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Behind The Scenes II: Character Profiles

10 character profiles from both generation one and two.

Character Select: Aimee | Becca | Ben | Dave | Drake | Jesse | Kennedy | Sloane |Van | Veronica

Aimee Elizabeth Cutler. 35. Sweet. Naive. Shy. Insecure. Animal lover. Open-minded. Patient. Compassionate.

Aimee is believed to be the daughter of Julia and Duncan Cutler though there is a chance (that most people don't realize) she is the daughter of a younger man from New York called Charles.

Aimee was born into scandal. Her father had been one of her mother's proffessors when they had an affair, resulting in the tiny blonde haired girl. A woman of high society and fearing the backlash, Julia convinced the older man to marry her and leave the college to lessen the blow on both of them.

Aimee never knew there was a problem surrounding her early existence. She was a happy child, eager to learn and impress her parents, namely her daddy. Groomed to be the heir of the family fortune one day, she learned etiquette and how to be a lady, generally well behaved unless she was denied the opportunity to play in the sandbox on a rainy day. They were very proud of her and loved her more than they ever thought possible.

As she grew older Aimee tied tight bonds with the other children of big-named families. Although she thought most of them were snobby it was the way, her mother had said, to stay relevant. Aimee didn't care so much about her status in the community, instead wanting to be free to have fun and play stupid games with the other "less important" girls, as her mother called them. She easily befriended the nice (and attractive) neighbor boy, Aidan, who her mother was less than pleased about. Not because he wasn't good to her or had ill intent, but because he was a nobody. That was the appeal for Aimee. It wasn't long until they were best friends, and eventually lovers -the latter a secret from her parents.

The truth was revealed when she fell pregnant. As expected Julia was livid with the turn of events, her daughter having thrown away her future for a nobody. Duncan was a little more forgiving but stuck with his wife's decision to school the girl at home when she began to show, sealing her away from the rest of the world until the baby was born. Though Aimee hated the isolation she was still happy to be having Aidan's baby, looking forward to meeting it and sharing a life with him.

That all changed when she went into labor in the family's dining room. It was a very long troublesome birth, Julia refusing to take her to the hospital in fear the news would leak into the wrong hands, ruining them for good. Thankfully it all worked out, Aimee delivering a baby girl with Aidan's light blue eyes in the wee hours of the morning. The happy moment was snatched from the young family, the baby taken away from the house. Julia later returned without it. Her disgusting plan to rid the family of even more scandal had come to a head, and was now over.

Understandably Aimee and Aidan never recovered from the loss of their daughter, Aimee taking it considerably harder. Though she returned to school her grades suffered on a massive scale and all interest in life seemed to dwindle. She did manage to graduated however, by the skin of her teeth, and set a plan in motion to leave town shortly after. She knew it would kill Aidan to separate in such a way but she had to get away from the life that had brought her such pain. With no mention as to where she was going or if she would return, Aimee fled to a small Washington town she hoped was far enough away to start over.

If only things had gone to plan.

Favorites. Color: purple. Food: spaghetti. Movie: Dirty Dancing. Music/band: Journey.

Rebecca Louise Reese. 17. Lively. Understanding. Popular. Wealthy. Aspiring painter. Hopeless romantic. Ambitious. Perfectionist.

The youngest of three girls, Becca was born to Maxine Holmes and Chester Reese mid winter outside of Groverton, Montana. Though born a twin, Becca was the only to survive the three week early birth.

It could easily be said Becca and her sisters lived a charmed life. They lived out in the country where they owned a modest two hundred year old farmhouse, a pair of horses for each daughter roaming the pastures. They were skilled riders, the oldest McKenna a seven-time award winner. Becca once dreamed of following in her footsteps but her interests changed midway through junior high. Becca was struck by the world of art.

Though it was painting that eventually proved to be her calling, Becca started out taking every art class offered at the school. She soon found she was terrible with textiles, screwing up every single project assigned to the fairly small group. Next she tried sketching and while she was considerably more successful there just seemed to be something missing, as though the subjects had no life. Pottery was disastrous beyond belief -she'd failed, so she enrolled into the painting course in the last quarter. Her teacher was stunned at the girl's abilities after so little time.

Outside her exciting new world of painting Becca was the popular girl that everyone either loved, or loved to hate. Unlike her friends however, she was kind to everyone she encountered and went out of her way to help people that struggled with their classes, tutoring some younger students on a regular basis. In addition she volunteered her free periods to help in the library and front office, gaining attention from the local newspaper which called her kind of student the Hope of the Generation. Becca greatly disliked the attention and snarky looks it brought from the other students. Although most continued to adore her she had quickly become tired of being part of the in-crowd and tried to break away from it.

Favorites. Color: sky blue. Food: salmon. Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You. Music/band: Smashing Pumpkins.

Benjamin Arthur Long. Conniving. Selfish. Hateful. Neat freak. Sadist.

Ben was born to town drunk Beverly Long and never knew his father. In fact, he was never named. Whether to protect both parties or the fact she didn't know who it was, Ben didn't know, but he cared little of the lack of information. His mother's many boyfriends tried and failed to fill the shoes of a father figure, a few of which believed the best method of parenting was the brunt of one's fist into the boy's face when he dared to misbehave. And Ben couldn't seem to stop.

Indeed, Ben was always in trouble. His unchallenged freedom allowed him to do whatever he wanted and when, including but not limited to beating up the weaker boys in the neighborhood, setting small injured animals on fire with a magnifying glass, and smashing the windows of the United Church on a bi-weekly basis. As such the boy had no friends to call his own, solely loving the three year old golden retriever he called Bucky who followed him everywhere.

It came as no surprise when the authorities stepped in and took the boy from Beverly leaving him in the care of a foster family in upstate Washington, newly thirteen and a hell of a handful. His antics ceased just long enough to get to know the area, and in turn, plan an escape route. He wasn't going to get caught this time. Because he needed to do it, he needed to feel the adrenaline pumping through his veins.

On one of his adventures he encountered a boy, weak and submissive, broken perhaps, hiding out in an abandoned builing Ben had planned to torch. Usually such a person would be beated down and left to mourn his pride, but this one was different to him somehow. Ben gathered he had no one much like himself, a wandering soul dying to find someone to belong to; Ben sat down and talked to him. He thought he could befriend him. He thought he could use him. In the end he'd done all those things, but nothing nearly as powerful as loving him.

As the pair grew up they became partners in crime, turning the entire town upside down. Though they were suspected of them no one could ever prove it, Ben taking care to cover their tracks. Their reign of terror survived for over a decade but they'd grown tired of the place and the faces, deciding to move to nearby Pleasantview. Ben figured they'd all been too comfortable for too long.

They quickly became twisted up with the Caliente sisters, twins from different ends of the spectrum. Dina was the more reserved, kind woman with a sweet fiance and lovely little town house apartment. Her sister Nina, however, was the town floozy who kept more bedfellows than food stocked in her tiny refridgerator, coming onto Ben on numerous occasions not realizing he and Kennedy were lovers. Her advances went ignored and she moved on to someone else, her sister's fiance though Ben suspected their romps had been going on for some time. He followed her out into the country one night to see if his suspicions were founded only to witness a murder. Nina had begged Michael to leave her sister and naturally he couldn't bring himself to do it. In fact, Michael wanted to end their affair and elope to Las Vegas with Dina the following weekend. Nina wasn't having any of that; she struck him over the head with a fire extinguisher and set the cabin on fire, Michael burning to death as he lay unconscious. Ben would later hang the event over her head to make her do his dirty work.

Favorites. Color: black. Food: roast pork. Movie: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Music/band: Crosby, Stills and Nash.

David Harold Clarke. 19. Old fashioned. Considerate. Bookworm. Computer savvy. Family oriented. Selfless. Bassist.

The only son and second child of Maria Gomez and Roman Clarke, Dave was born in the early spring in the suburbs of Exeter, Tifa Island where he joined older sister, Angelia. They lived in a modest two bedroom bungalow on Mason Street until Dave was four when they left for Bridgeport on the other side of the island.

David and Angelia were raised with strong morals, their parents devout Catholics. As such they attended church and a well known Catholic school in the heart of the city, two of the top shining students. Unfortunately their attendence faltered when a scandal rocked the Catholic community and that school in particular, Maria hastly opting to enroll her children in public schooling having faith in their strength to resist any non believer's peer pressure. To her delight she was correct.

David easily made friends with his new classmates, namely a nice but silly dark haired boy named Van Lewis. On his first day the teacher had assigned his seat beside the strange boy and although he feared no one would like him, Van immediately took to him chattering away the whole day. Not without getting scolded several times throughout the day mind you, something he didn't seem to mind. They fast became best friends and to put it simply, inseparable. Life was great! He had new friends with different and interesting views, a house with a big back yard, and Dave didn't think it could possibly get any better.

Until the girl came into his life. He'd never had much interest in the opposite sex until then, disgusted by their gross girly cooties and pink plastic lunch boxes with barbie and my little pony plastered on the front. This girl was different, interested in none of that, and in a way she almost seemed a boy herself -despite the long dark hair, of course. Her name was Sloane, he soon learned, and she had the prettiest smile he'd ever seen. Soon enough she was his second sidekick, one third of the impossible three.

Favorites. Color: navy. Food: pizza. Movie: Behind Enemy Lines. Music/band: Sam Roberts.

Drake Ashton Cutler. Attentive. Dry sense of humor. Sci-fi enthusiast. Responsible. Gamer. Independent. Clumsy.

The only child of Aimee Cutler and Ben Long, Drake unknowingly came into the world a piece in a sick game dreamt up by his father. His conception in itself was planned almost to a schedule, a product of a fake marriage consumation and the deceitful switch of birth control pills.

Also on schedule though not without some hiccups along the way with the return of his mother's former lover, Drake was taken from his home months after his first birthday by a woman posing as a friendly neighbor (who had been dragged into the twisted plot years before following a personal tragedy) so Ben could have the child he'd been longing for for many years solely to himself. Things could have worked out in his favor had Aimee and her lover -newly husband, not tracked them down with the help of the woman's twin sister, Dina. During this confrontation Aimee's husband was killed by a gunshot to the head narrowly missing a screaming toddler Drake; his mother was then shot in the abdomen killing his unborn sister. Ben's accomplice also perished. With Drake in tow Ben ran off into the night and disappeared without issue for fourteen years.

Drake grew up in another state known as Ashton Gnolcox with very little memory of his early childhood. Images of his mother came in fragments but nothing he could really piece together, a haze keeping him from knowing who he really was. In turn he was an outcast, a fact that wasn't helped by his strange unsettling father that no one seemed to care much for; Drake wasn't surprised considering he hated the man himself. High school was a drag, teased often for having a strange homosexual father and by association assumed he was as well. One girl, popular, perfect and way too nice to him, made life liveable.

That girl, Becca Reese, set his life in motion. After convincing him to sneak out of the house and attend a party the pair departed on ill terms with the host, instead driving to a nearby town in the neighboring state of Washington. There Drake irresponsibly acquired alcohol and they quickly became intoxicated, making the bad decision to drive. Drake crashed into a white sedan on a country road and landed in the hospital to find the woman he'd hit was his birth mother. With a million questions and conflicting memories flooding his head Drake took his first steps in fourteen years as Drake Ashton Cutler.

Favorites. Color: orange. Food: tacos. Movie: Napoleon Dynamite. Music/band: Fallout Boy.

Jesse Donovan Larson. 19. Smart-ass. Adrenaline junkie. Narcissist. Sex obsessed. Creative. Guitarist. Quick tempered. Mechanic. Car enthusiast. Competitive.

Born to Dr. Carmen Martin and architect Dorian Larson II of Ossining, New York in the late winter, Jesse grew up in a sizeable estate on Roosa Lane an only child.

Jesse’s early life was a blur. He grew up fast in the hands of strangers, the family’s maids and a handful of nannies the parental figures where the always busy Carmen and Dorian severely lacked. Though he was given everything a little boy should ever want he was never content, solely desiring the normal life he saw on television.

As he grew older he noticed the more trouble he caused the more his parents granted him (miniscule) attention. With this in mind he began vandalizing various buildings and decorations around town, including a prized historical monument. When that wasn’t enough he got into drinking and drugs, theft -anything that could threaten his parents’ spotless reputation.

Rather than discipline the boy or make an effort to connect with him as clearly his rebellion was a cry for attention, they chose instead to ship him off to an Island off the coast of California where Carmen had grown up, to live with her mother.

While living with his grandmother did do him some good, it was meeting a girl with a similarly broken childhood that eventually tamed his wild ways. Somewhat.

Favorites. Color: red. Food: spicy chili. Movie: Fight Club. Music/band: Pink Floyd.

Kennedy Michael Cox. 39. Follower. Weak. Explosive temper. Foolish.

Kennedy Cox was never a strong person. From early on he let people push him around, doing whatever they wanted if he thought he could gain their trust, their affections.

As a very young boy Kennedy was ill. He could barely walk, too weak to hold himself up or do anything for himself. His mother, a young college drop out from Seattle had returned them home to live with his grandparents to help her. After that he didn't see very much of her, disappearing for weeks at a time with no explanation. Whenever she returned she hardly seemed the same woman, darkened eyes and troubled spirit, as though she'd been through a long tiring battle. Kennedy's grandmother had said she'd been fighting inner demons, something he wouldn't understand until he was older.

In time Kennedy's body had strengthened, allowing him to wander from the home and see but a small part of the world. The other children his age didn't care much for him, his excessively shy and awkward demeanor only attracting attention from the bullies who made him eat dirt and other disgusting things. Still, he saught their acceptance, promising to acquire things they wanted if they wouldn't hurt him anymore, if they'd let him hang out. They agreed, though Kennedy had no idea they meant to take advantage of the situation, snatching away whatever he'd collected that day and run off leaving him alone with a bloody lip. Yet he persisted! A bloody lip or minor scratches were still less than the poundings he used to get, after all. Maybe if he contined to get the items they desired they would see how dedicated he was, Kennedy reasoned.

Unfortunately his grand plan turned out to be way more than he could ever bargain for. He'd done the big job without getting caught by the store manager, stealing a dirty magazine from the convenience store on Beuller. The older boys, all ranging from twelve to sixteen took said magazine and fled to a secret hideout, dragging Kennedy along for the first time in the months it had been. He sat quietly in the corner watching them drool all over the pictures of the nude women barking obscenities about their various assets. The oldest and prettiest of the bunch with his curly blonde hair, Vince had noticed Kennedy's disinterest in the womanly mounds of flesh, confronting him about it when the others had left. Kennedy admitted he didn't feel tingly down there as the others had seemed to but didn't know why, gaining a decidedly sinister smile from Vince. Trapped in the small dark room with nowhere to run (as he had no idea how they'd even really gotten there) Vince cornered him against a wall demanding to know if he liked boys. When Kennedy had failed to answer frightened by the older boy's sudden change in character, Vince released himself from the confines of his dingy denim pants, pressing it against Kennedy with more demands. He later found himself alone lying face down on the dirty floor, defiled and a mess of whimpers. Cleaning the sticky mess the best he could, he dressed and found his way out of the maze-like factory, gently sitting on a forgotten stack of palletes outside. Shortly after a boy appeared, sitting down to talk with him. Kennedy was stunned this one didn't want anything from him in exchange.

He went on to follow the boy through everything, good and bad, as they both became men and a pair straight from the depths of hell.

Favorites. Color: yellow. Food: lasagne. Movie: Gone with the Wind. Music/band: Frank Sinatra.

Sloane Leigha Meyers-Cutler. 20. Stubborn. Sharp Tongued. Impulsive. Singer. Horrible cook. Flirt. Messy. Masochist.

The first and only surviving child of Aimee Cutler and the late Aidan Wells, Sloane was born late summer at home in the dining room surrounded by her maternal grandparents, paternal grandmother, and uncle. Though she was loved from conception she was forced to be raised in orphanages and brief stays with foster families due to some rather dispicible behavior on her maternal grandmother's part. She was unhappy, a wandering broken soul until fate offered her Ayame and Harold Meyers from the nearby city of Bridgeport at the age of seven.

Adopted and taken home to learn she had gained an older sister, who sadly proved to be worse than all the whiny brats she'd grown up with in the orphanage, Sloane settled into a normal life and eventually, happiness. With a family, with love and friendship she flourished, though no one could deny she was still a little off-putting. To everyone accept classmates David Clarke and Van Lewis, that is. The three were thick as thieves up into high school doing everything together, everyday.

Things began to take a turn, however. Under pressure from her parents -mostly her father, to keep good grades and graduate the top of her class, Sloane began to feel the need to rebel. A spunky trash-talking new boy from the other side of the country gave her the means, taking her world by storm. As expected her father was against everything about the new Sloane (and the troublemaking boy), wild colors in her hair and enough metal in her flesh to set off detectors a mile away, forbade her to see him again. Of course it only made her want to more.

Though she still did well enough in school to graduate with honors, Sloane made it a point to live by her own agenda, refusing to bend to another's will sacrificing her happiness. She moved out of the family home a week after graduation to reside with her friend Dave and sister until Jesse could find a place for them months later.

Favorites. Color: neon green. Food: pineapple chicken. Movie: Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Music/band: Foo Fighters.

Van Parker Lewis. 19. Goofy. Prankster. Abba fanatic. Giggly drunk. Drummer. Charismatic. Slob. Coulrophobic. Reliable.

Van was born to young hippie parents Allison Campbell and Damian Lewis in the late spring, an only child and the apple of his parents eyes. He was named after Van Morrison, Wild Night playing on the radio in the back of the old VW van the moment he'd come screaming into the world.

His best friend Dave always used to say his strange but loveable mannerisms were the direct result of living among free spirtied stoners, trapped in the sixities despite never actually exisitng during the decade (they'd been born four and five years too late). He wasn't fed mashed carrots or beans like the rest of them, he'd insisted, instead given a puree of illegal greens with a side of Jack Daniels in his "bubba". Van was largely amused by his friend more or less saying he was fucked from the start.

His childhood was interesting, to say the least. Though they were usually baked out of their minds his parents still cared for him. His grandparents, Allison's mom and dad, often took him out to the park for a thrilling ride on the slide and swings whenever his folks were too smashed to get off the couch and put some clothes on, but for the most part they travelled around to see other parts of the country -something Van remembered very little of.

He might not have learned to read as quickly as the other chilren or spell his own name, but he knew the importance of sharing and generosity, loving the earth for what it gave him. Most importantly, he learned not to take things too seriously.

Favorites. Color: blue. Food: chicken alfredo with broccoli. Movie: Almost Famous. Music/band: Abba.

Dina Lorraine Caliente/Veronica Lynn Doris. 37. Survivor. Good natured. Alien descendant (=P). Intelligent. Friendly. Determined. Good sense of humor. Flirt.

Dina and her twin sister Nina were born in the unique desert community of Strangetown, Nevada, to Nighat Mahmoud and Flamenco Caliente. Though they had never met the man, they were said to be the grand-daughters of a mysterious green-skinned man from the stars who had fallen to the earth when his ship malfunctioned. As the story goes, his people decided to let him conduct the genetic experiment on the unfamiliar planet rather than collect him and take a subject back home. They wanted to see how well they could cohabitate with the earthlings. He died before his offspring had learned to walk, leaving the mission to another. Later on this second being took over his mission and still resides in the small town with his human wife and children.

Dina had always been considered different. Though she had not inherited the eyes of her otherwordly grandfather they had a distintively angled shape, her facial structure strong but for the feminine touch. No one would let her forget the past, the younger generation frightened by the prospect of other life taking over their home planet. The twins were a beacon, they'd said, so the aliens could find their way back and devour them. The girls thought the notion was rather silly considering their grandfather's arrival had happened over twenty years before they were born, and nothing terrible had happened since. If the aliens were going to attack they wouldn't have waited so long. Still, the constant ridicule that should have ended long ago simply would not, the family deciding to leave the desert in search of a quite place to call their own where no one knew anything about them. Their journey led them to Pleasantview, Washington.

Settling in fairly easily Dina enrolled in high school and did well in her studies, climbing the academic ladder until she reached within the top twenty. Her parents were pleased with her achievements buying her her first vehicle, while her sister drowned in jealousy with terrible grades and increasingly bad behavior. Nina, you see, had been far too concerned with messing around with the boys of Pleasantview High. She had ongoing flings with Darren Dreamer and an already spoken-for Don Lothario, landing herself pregnant multiple times but quickly ridding herself of them shortly after learning of their existence. Not that the parents knew anything about the latter; Dina was sworn to secrecy or face the revelation of her relationship with the son of the Bachelors, a family the Caliente elders did not like one bit. Nina couldn't deny she liked the boy herself, and anything proving risky was something Nina just had to have.

Into college Dina and Michael's relationship had grown but still remained a secret to her parents despite the modest engagement ring on her finger. They left the dorms and moved into a charming two-story apartment together upon the lie that she resided with girlfriends. Nina and her strange new best friends, a pair of men from out of town hung out there a lot for all-night parties of drinking and in Nina's case, screwing around with random men in the extra unused bedroom. Michael began to come home late and go off alone on frequent occasions, something Dina assumed dealt with family problems after his sister Bella's disappearance. One night he never returned and Dina worried he'd gotten in a car accident, but in the weeks to follow it was determined the body of a man killed in a fire outside Pleasantview belonged to her beloved. She had many questions as to why he was there at all, but in time she let it go. Harboring on the details was not going to bring him back.

Many years later her sister's behavior seemed to take a turn for the worse. A child in town had gone missing reportedly taken by a woman who claimed to be a neighbor, but as luck would have it, was not. On the new the broadcast had shown a picture of the suspect from a wedding shortly before and in an instant, despite the different colored hair and eyes, Dina recognized her sister. She remembered a strange exchange of words and body language between Nina and longtime friend Ben from about a month prior to the kidnapping, her sister seeming extremely unsettled by his proposition. It was apparent the strange man wanted her -no, needed her to do something for him, and against all better judgement, it seemed that she had gone through with it. Dina went to the police with the information but little resulted from it, the officers on duty casting it aside as her sister was a known rip and drunk, insisting she probably had run off with one of her men. Dina then went to see the mother of the missing child.

It had happened so quickly! The little family ran off in search of the baby boy and before she knew it her sister had been found dead in Veronaville, as well as the woman's husband, narrowly cheating death herself. Dina was beside herself with grief once again, this time knowing it was partly her fault. However, she had little time to deal with it. The police swooped in and informed her Ben knew it was her that had ratted them out and as a precaution, wanted her to go under witness protection. That afternoon Dina became Veronica Lynn Doris.

Dina managed to keep a low profile for many years, settling into the city life of Bridgeport, Tifa Island, as a spunky club owner with a new look. She met and fell in love with a man of the same interests, Darren, and they expanded the club in a new more active location. Though they adored one another their relationship did not come without problems. Darren had a son with an ex-girlfriend whom he more or less let run his life since they split up, demanding more money, more time for this and that. Though Dina understood where the woman was coming from, it proved to be a little much for her to deal with, constantly losing her lover to his ball-and-chain past. Regretably she allowed herself to be drawn away by his athletic younger brother whom had a love for rough sex much like herself, though it didn't last long. Darren discovered her betrayal and they divorced, Dina moving out and selling Darren her half of the club, starting her own on the other side of the city.

It was there Kennedy showed up one day knowing exactly who she was, offering her a proposition in exchange for the truth behind Michael's death. Though she felt horrible considering how things had happened the last time she'd gotten involved, she thought maybe, somehow, she could keep an eye the job required, but do so with her heart in the right place. Perhaps one day she could make it up to the very kind, and very sweet Aimee Cutler.

Her death years later would not allow for it.

Favorites. Color: pink. Food: curry chicken. Movie: Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Music/band: Alice In Chains.

Character Select: Aimee | Becca | Ben | Dave | Drake | Jesse | Kennedy | Sloane |Van | Veronica

Just some things to note: A lot of the main characters are shorter because, well, we already know a lot about them. Also, I realize Veronica's eyes are gray while Dina's are green; bad planning on my part.
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  • Outtakes | Gen 2, Parts 1 - 4

    Warning: Language. Yay, another round of outtakes! These are a collection of generation two from part one to four. There's quite a few…

  • Behind the Scenes: Generation One

    With the split of Aimee and Ben behind us, I wanted to collect a lot of pictures and information about the Pleasantview in my game and those in…

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