Yuichen (cutler_legacy) wrote,

Part 17 To-Do List

You guys can ignore this. I just want to be sure I have the list somewhere that I won't lose it.

Part One
- Build/decorate hallways, classroom and perhaps cafeteria for high shool.
- Create a handful of teens for background.
- Build Aimee a new house
- Build/decorate a grocery store.
- Transfer a madeover maxis sim to new "Pleasantview".
- Build/decorate or download labyrinth garden.
- Create therapist.
- Build therapist's office
- Build Angie's house.

Part Two
- Recreate the maxis sim's house (but change interior 'cause it is UGLY).
- Take photos of his son and create framed photos.
- Find a dark midsize sedan.
- Dump Erik sim into game.
- Find or make a male jacket with a wearable hood.

I guess now you know the update is actually going to happen! It's going to be weird doing all the posing again. Hope it'll be worth the wait!

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